Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FRANCK HERVAL French Jewellery

WILDE Jewellery & Accessories (Leura, NSW) is now proud to stock the french designed range of jewellery Franck Herval. Introduced to Australia in 2013 this fresh, vibrant range of jewellery is all handmade using a broad range of materials and jewellery making techniques.

  Multi-dangle crocheted necklace  from the Melissandre range

The Franck Herval brand is famous for their multi-ethnic inspiration, chromatic richness and use of natural materials such as fish scales, sea shells, snake skin, sting ray leather, mother of pearl, fibres from various plants, seeds of various colours, exotic tree bark, feathers, gemstones and much more.

Multi-dangle necklace from the Paradis Exotique range

Sophisticated jewellery design complements the use of different types of prints, fabrics, lace, Swarovski crystals, leather and glass beads.

Multi-strand Katja bracelet featuring glass beads, semi precious beads & fabric

Full of detail, this gorgeous jewellery is original but remains very easy to wear.

Multi-dangle enamel and bead Paradis Exotique stud earrings

The Franck Herval collections will resonate in the soul of every woman, emphasizing its uniqueness in the world of fashion trends.

Franck Herval Collections are released twice a year – Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.

Leonie Liberty ring from the Spring/Summer 2014 range
A large selection of Franck Herval Jewellery is NOW available at WILDE Jewellery & Accessories (Leura,NSW,AUSTRALIA) -