Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For many months this year I was engrossed in making my entries for the 2011 CYS Creative Beading Awards in Australia. I have entered this competition for the last 5 years and my boys have been entering in the Youth Division for the last 2 years. I personally find that entering competitions really stretches my creativity and takes me out of my beading "comfort zone". The thought process that goes into deciding on a theme/design is very intense and can often take much longer than the creation of the actual piece. Shopping for the components is always lots of fun but my favourite part is finally seeing the finished item and being able to breath a sigh of relief.

Anyway...VERY pleased to announce that my two boys and I are FINALISTS again and we are looking forward to hearing the results in the 2012.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Read all about me on this month's SYDNEY MUM blog...

Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to have had a profile done and my work displayed in Australia's Creative Beading Magazine. During that time I met freelance journalist and blogger Sharon Quill who edits and compiles the profile stories and other articles for the magazine. After completing another recent story for the magazine she asked if she could "blog"about me on her Sydney Mum site, of course I was thrilled to be asked...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Swarovski Create Your Style WATER Magazine OUT NOW

CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely friend Diane Whiting who is a fabulous Create Your Style Swarovski Ambassador for her role in the newly released WATER ISSUE. Diane in conjunction with Lilian Chen created an amazing crystal purse which can be viewed within the pages of the magazine along with Diane's stunning Wirelace and Crystal necklace.
For information on where to get a copy of this new magazine please go to:

If you are interested in joining a creative and fun website where designers who LOVE to create with Swarovski Crystals meet ot share their ideas and designs then please visit:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Melissa Player:Creative Beading SWAROVSKI Competition Results 2010

After many, many months of waiting and anticipation the results for the 2010 Creative Beading Swarovski Competition are finally out and all place winners and finalists have been published in the March edition of the Creative Beading Magazine.

I'm very pleased to announce that I received my magazine in the mail this week and I received 8th place for my crystallized Akubra hat "Australiana" and 10th place for my necklace "PREY: Protect Our Children".

I'm just thrilled for the 2010 winner (a lovely lady & a very deserving entrant) and I'm also very excited to see so many of our Beading Forum members being recognised for their amazing vision, skills and talents.

This is a very difficult competition...after a few years of entering I still can't figure out the judging criteria but as long as you have a go, express yourself and enjoy your craft then you are certainly in with a chance.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sandy Forster for Australian of the Year

This week I read some very happy news on my Facebook page....Australian Mentor and Law of Attraction expert Sandy Forster has accepted a nomination for Australian of the Year. Sandy is an amazing lady who lives in sunny Queensland and her passion is to teach others how to use the Law of Attraction in everyday life (both personal and business). She has literally gone from welfare to millionaire in a few short years and her story is truely inspirational.

For the last decade I have been listening to & learning from Sandy. I started off listening to her free teleseminars, I have also participated in her fun & free Millionaire Money Game , I have done her Magical Money Manifestation course, I have done her Secrets to Business Success Course and other smaller courses as well.

What I love about Sandy Forster is that she has something to offer everyone....she's not one of these bells & whistles gurus but rather a very down to earth genuine Aussie gal!

So...if you've ever wanted to learn how to develop & improve your life, money situation, love life, realtionships, health, business, personal life etc etc then Sandy is your lady. One of the most powerful activities I have ever done was Sandy's "How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast Book" with accompanying workbook - it really was a step by step plan to awaken your vibrations towards money & wealth and for around $50 it was worth far more than the many thousands of dollars that most of the US gurus are charging.

Anyhow....take a look for yourself at as everyone has something to learn from this Wildly successful and multi award winning mentor.

Good luck Sandy with the nomination for Australian of the Year...I know you have many thousands of followers from all over the World who would LOVE to see you be rewarded and recognised with such an incredible award.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Pele's Whisper" by Peter Lik - Inspiration for Swarovski Competition Piece

Just thought I'd show you my place winning entry in the 2010 Creative Beading Swarovski Competition held in Australia/NZ each year.

This year they added some more divisions and my "Volcanic Eruption" ring received 9th place in the Creative Division - all hand wired using Swarovski 4 mm bicones and inspired by Australian photographer Peter Lik's incredible photo "Pele's Whisper".


Earring Earrings Earrings

Have just loaded over 20 pairs of earrings to my Ebay store I'm really excited about some of the new designs and the great new components I have found to include in my designs.

I love making one of a kind items because I think they reflect my creative inspirations and moods on certain days. This year I have decided to try to work more towards having a few "ranges" throughout the year so that I can cement some of my ideas & designs more formally. Of course there will still be plenty of one off items as I have soooooo many bits and pieces that need to be used up but I feel as though more consistency is now required.

I'll let my hair down once and while when I work on those more extravagant competiton pieces but at the moment I'm getting organised, so stay tuned...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SWAROVSKI Crystal World ,Wattens AUSTRIA

SWAROVSKI Crystal World- Swarovski Kristallwelten in AUSTRIA....some pics

Hi Everyone...well after a 7 week adventure through Dubai & Europe we are safely back at home and I am just starting to find my feet again. Kids are back at school, a mountain of paperwork awaits and
beads are resting peacefully!!

Just thought I'd share some of my photos taken at Swarovski Crystal World in Wattens,Austria (Kristallwelten). I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this place and have been very fortunate to have been able to visit there twice in the last couple of years. The artworks, installations and retail shop (including a retail shop for designers) is just amazing and very inspiring. It's also worth googling Swarovski Kristallwelten if you are a true Swarovski fan!

If you are interested in taking a peek at this sparkling crystal wonderland head over to my Bead Art & Design page on Facebook!/pages/Bead-Art-Design/62804332660

Make sure you "Like" my page while you're there so that you can be in the running for future giveaways. Enjoy.....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

1st Place Winner 2010 Creative Beading Swarovski Competition

Congratulations to my son Nicholas Player for being awarded 1st Place in the Youth Division of the 2010 Creative Beading Swarovski Competition for his necklace Razor's Edge. Awesome work...enjoy your fantastic prizes. Nicholas' brother Matthew won 2nd place (see below post). Nicholas also placed 5th & 7th in this competition as well...hooray for beading boys! For more photos please see our Facebook page "Bead Art & Design".

Creative Beading Swarovski Competition Winner - 2010

Congratulations to my son Matthew Player for being awarded 2nd place in the Youth Division of the 2010 Creative Beading Swarovski Competition (Australia).