Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is BLING your thing?

Ok, it has to be said that being an active forum member in the wider beading community certainly has both its advantages and disadvantages!!! I'm sure that those who have participated in any type of forum will agree that there are some wonderful stories of special friendships and opportunities that have evolved from the daily chit chat on forums and then again there are some horrible, hellish tales of nasty cat fighting and behind the scenes (private messaging) backstabbing....meow!!!!

What I love about the forums I belong to is that I get to discuss, learn, participate and grow in an area that I am passionate about...and in my case it's beads and jewellery. Sometimes I think there really needs to be a 10 Step programme for all of the bead addicts around the world - I know I could fund a small community in Africa with some of my bling and I truely feel guilty about this sometimes! To give me some peace of mind I have set up a regular contribution to World Vision which has certainly been a valuable & worthwhile activity for our whole family. But, until such a time that I can work out a way to curb my obsessive complusion to buy all things shiny & sparkly I thought I'd share with you a couple of forums that have been incredibly supportive in my beading career to date.

Beading Forum dot com dot au is an Australian beading forum but there is large membership base which spans the globe. It's an amazingly supportive place to belong to and there are some incredible designers that create inspirational jewellery from scratch with impeccable skill,artistry & precision that would blow anything commercially produced right out of the water .

This is a picture of Caroline Fung's award winning necklace 'CINDERELLA"

Another forum I'm proud to be a member of is the Swarovski Create Your Style Community - there are many, many international jewellery designers that frequent this forum and who post their creations in the design section. Of course if BLING is your thing then Swarovski leads the way in shiny, sparkly beads - in my opinion there is simply no better quality than what these incredible elements lend to a designers palette.

There is also a special Ambassadors section where you can read reviews, receive tips & tricks, see new designs & learn a variety of techniques. Such internationally famous designers include: Margot Potter, Diane Whiting, Val Hirata, Lisa Pavelka, June Beach, Lilian Chen, Jean Campbell, Linda Hartung, Brenda Schweder, Leslie Frummin...and several more.

See link at the bottom of this page....

And here is a picture of Diane Whitings Award Winning "CRYSTAL BOW PURSE" with over 10,000 hand sewn Swarovski crystals - WOW!

I hope you have enjoyed my first "blog" entry and I look forward to sharing my beading world with you. I know how frustrating it is when starting out to find good information, reputable sites to buy bead goodies from and places to go to get a bead-u-cation!

Thankyou & please feel free to leave me your own personal comments, forum stories or areas that you would like to see covered in this blog....


  1. Great post! You are right there are so many wonderful jewelry communities out there and Create Your Style with Crystallized Swarovski Elements is fabulous and the members are incredibly supportive.



  2. Thanks for the shout out, Bead Buzz!


  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, Bead Buzz--nice post!

    Thanks for the mention!


  4. Welcome to the blogosphere...and thanks for showing my purse. I'm looking forward to following you!
    Sparkles and smiles, Diane