Saturday, April 10, 2010

Selling Your Handmade Jewellery

When it comes to designing and making jewellery I'm sure you'll all agree that there comes a time where the supply far outweighs the demand for your creations and you are left with boxes of beautiful beaded treasures just "waiting" for new owners.

I know that many,many people just LOVE to make jewellery/jewelry for either their own pleasure or as a potential career! When we first start out we are so excited about our beautiful unique handcrafted items that all our female (and male) friends & family members seem to receive jewellery for the various occasions that pop up throughout the year.

After a while many of us decide that making jewellery/jewelry would be the pefect dream career and we set out searching for ways to try to become proficient in making, marketing & selling our designs. Now, as many of us can confirm this can be an extremely competitive industry and if you take a look at the handmade jewellery/jewelry categories on two of the worlds largest platforms being Etsy & Ebay then you will find that selling jewellery online is not for the faint hearted - it really is hard work and it takes many hours of dedication for often very little monetary returns.

However, on the bright side there are numerous other ways that you as a jewellery designer or small business operator can source productive and lucrative ways of selling your handmade jewelry/jewellery items.
Recently I came across a fabulous idea of creating a jewellery shopping service for potential clients. Essentially it involves setting up a business model where you are the personal shopper for your clients using your own handmade jewellery as the main product. Sounds ideal doesn't it!

The other benefits of this model include:
  • You'll be selling directly to your clients at full retail prices, so you won't be paying any booth fees, shop commissions, party hostess incentives, wholesale discounts, etc.
  • You'll have very low sales-related expenses because there's no "middleman". Nearly 100% of the proceeds go directly to your business.
  • And, you'll be able to find high paying quality customers that will love your customized products, personal service, and the way you take their problems out of their hands.

So...if you're ready to take your handcrafted jewellery to a whole new PROFITABLE level then I recommend your read more about the benefits and features of this business model from a lady who is in the jewellery/jewelry design business and who can teach you her proven steps to a very successful and profitable buisness.

I'd love to hear of your own personal success stories...

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